Happy New Year!

Namaste friends, 

Welcome to 2021, the year  we have all be hoping will shift us into a new beginning! I am freshly emerging from the christmas break here in UK. We are back into a 3rd lockdown but I wont let that stop me! The spider diagrams are up on the walls, new branded clothing labels are being ordered and this is the start of a new exciting journey for me and The Wardrobe. I'll be keeping the first part of the year creative working through some new moods and design boards for SPRING 2021! There will be more focus on comfort and swagger, as we embody our need to be grounded in who will are with a freedom to play and create as the world spins out of our once controlled lives into a new dawn. Fashion will never look the same again and I am so ready to respond to what feels good!


Happy New Year, lets do this!

Lalita xx

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