Pondering; Death of Fast Fashion

I've been learning a lot about the fashion industry, but I am fairly new to it all and have much to explore. There are so many cool new 'sustainable' independent brands out there and its so exciting to see how the needs of the planet are shifting peoples attitudes finally.

I saw a programme on BBC I Player recently, it was about the largest producer of western high street 'Fast Fashion' in Bangladesh.   It featured the owner of the factory that supplies many well known brands left with thousands of pairs of jeans piled high to the roof the dire situation the factory boss had to navigate, £2000 a day port bill for cargo waiting to be shipped to the UK. Thats big bucks in Bangladesh! These huge companies cancelled their orders when the pandemic hit back in the spring last year leaving this guy in ruins. Having to sell his own house to pay for the port fees, his workers so desperate for income, terrified of what was next for them with little savings and no other options for work. It got me thinking about these poor women, how will they survive? will it be safe? what about their families? The next best opportunity for earning was shelling nuts for 30p a day, who knows what they would afford to eat?

I could be wrong, I may be ignorant, I have much to learn yet something inside me feels there's a lot of western idealism and great privlege wrapped up in the model of 'sustainability' in the west. I have seen the poverty in India and other part of Asia and it is unimaginable for many of us to truly understand. We know this industry is suffocating the planet, yet its also killing humans who can no longer afford to eat. I saw how unwilling these multi billionaire owned companies were to support their hard working staff when the he going gets tough. Perhaps its time they collapse once and for all,  I know planet will be reap the benefits, yet the impoverished workers are left with a huge ? over their future. It breaks my heart. 

People vs the Planet once again. 

Just pondering, your comments are welcome. 

Love Lalita.


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