Lalitas Wardorbe supports grass roots organisatons via each sale. 2.5% will be donated to our new charity of choice “PUSHKAR GIRLS ENCOURAGE” PROJECT" Based in the town were we create these amazing clothes this is a new collaboration starting May 2024 after meeting one of the founders Luis Camino and famous tabla player Zakir Hussain who are the main sponsors on my trip to India. 

The project began in early 2001, promoted by four small business owners in the city of Pushkar (Rajasthan, India), joined by various people from different parts of the world and through which a group of five girls from the rural area of the city, with few or no educational resources. Currently 105 girls benefit from this help, with many more on the waiting list to join this project. Practically 90% of these girls have no family and the rest, even if they have one, do not have any economic resources.

The project is nourished by donations made by the people who have joined it over the years and its main characteristic is the fact that each girl attends class in her place of origin, thus avoiding creating unnecessary ghettos where they can see themselves isolated and singled out.

PUSHKAR GIRLS ENCOURAGE is a dream come true through which a basic four-point program is developed and with which each case is assisted according to the needs it requires. These points are: Schooling, food, medical assistance, school supplies, uniforms and housing.

TO FIND OUT MORE www.pushkargirls.org

We will donate every few months via Money Gram with a running total here: