I may be a micro business, but I have always had big dreams.

I want to share just where i'm at now and what I want for the future. Working with tailors in India means its vital we support livelihoods and strive to create happier, fairer working lives for all of the team. 

I am totally in love with magical Mother India, my second home is on her soil. However, I am constantly checking my privilege because when the going gets tough, I can always leave. 


We aim to provide fairer wages, grow a quality over quantity work ethic with a slower approach to the working day. We hope to inspire a change that effect ethics within local communities and beyond. We dream of offering full-time sustainable jobs with salaries as an alternative to the poor treatment, nasty conditions and financial instability piece by piece tailoring work offers. Fairer treatment is at the heart of what we want for each other and humanity, day by day we hope to effect change within ourselves and each other. We work with a very small jolly team with an ethos of creativity, loyalty and friendship at the heart. By purchasing from Lalitas Wardrobe you are helping humans in unimaginable circumstances maintain their livelihoods, its a win win if we get it right!


We donate 2.5 % of each sale from our website to our chosen grass roots project based in the village of Amravati in Maharashtra, India.  Maybe one day we will begin our own kindness projects and support more people in wider communities but for now, know that a little really does go a long way. Thank you! 


PLEASE NOTE DONATIONS ARE NOW GOING DIRECTLY TO BHARAT rather than via this Go Fund Me Link. If you would like to donate, please get in touch and we can make a transfer. we will be visiting the project in person in 23" , look out for pics and info on social media. 

For more information or to donate please follow Bharat as he attempts to take care of a whole village of families who have lost everything due to the pandemic.  HERE you can add a TIP in the check out section which will go directly to the project too. 



A little goes a long way and our consumption must be conscious and reduced in order for us humans to survive on this planet. It's ironic and a bit cringe worthy that my stuff is made on the other side of the world and fast fashion attributes to far too much of the problem. But, here I am, talking about caring for our one and only beautiful planet in the best possible way, whilst supporting livelihoods of less fortunate folk.  SO, I'm constantly looking for ways to have less impact, using recycled saris means that the women can sell back their once used saris to retailers, we buy them and reuse them for reversible sari jackets, kimonos and bomber jackets! What's beautiful about this is not only are we reusing but we are also reviving little pieces of history, many of which are now antiques. These sari designs are fading fast and by creating jackets, they live on. 

It goes without saying reduced waste packaging solutions are essential. Prices are increased slightly on some items and in the near future we can switch to cardboard boxes and compostable bags. Currently I am using packaging for clothing made from recycled materials, envelopes, flyers and pieces of tissue paper can be re-recycled too. I use a local company called Eco Print who offer recycled card for info/business cards. Ordering more stuff, less frequently to reduce the dreaded air miles!  Any stock that is 'second' quality is sold at a reduced price or passed on to a vintage clothing dealer. Fabric scraps are being made into hair scrunchies and gift bags!