Varanassi former Benares-Older than history, older than tradition, dating back to 1000BC. Situated on the holi Ganga River in the stage of Bihar. Billions of pilgrims and devotees bathe in her sacred waters each year. The street art was incredible! We walked the narrow winding streets discovering colour and creativity everywhere! 

The best home cooked food always with 'Mummy' at my besties house in Pushkar. Always feel so welcome and their house is always full of people from all over the world sharing the love! 

Divinity in the streets, the wonder of pink lotus and orange marigolds on every corner,  the sweet scent of my favorite (Gulab) Roses is India. All gifted to the gods in Puja (prayer). These beautifully rich lush colours heavily influenced Lalitas Wardrobe brand colours.