April 24' ! The SPRING SUMMER COLLECTION is almost here!!! After my incredible trip to India we found new tailors and feeling so very excited to share my new collection later this month with our big launch pop at STAND Ethical Clothing on  49 St.Benedicts , Norwich. 26th April - 28th 

Website will be open again from early may, once we shoot later this month and its going to be incredible. So many beautiful prints, each hand picked with awe and wonderment. Reversible Kimonos, Box Jackets and Bombers aswell as new upcycled silk dresses and tops the range is growning. Hand printed dungarees in in 2 new prints, plus trousers, inspired shirt dress will be unisex with mix and match co-ord suites this is going to HUGE! 

Keep intouch on social media for updates. Pop Ups and Festival dates announced with more being added! 

September '23 BIG NEWS!

I am going to India this November! Please help me keep Lalitas Wardrobe going by donating or paying it forward on a piece of clothing to support our mission. We lost our contacts this summer -due to their high demand from larger companies ordering larger quantites! I need to find a new co-op to work with, one that puts fair treatment of tailors and their families in the heart of the work aswell as quality stitching and good work conditions everything has to feel right.  Unfortunately I can not do this work from little Norfolk and I need more funds to help me continue. You can follow my journey around India on instagram! 


Hello 2023! Happy New Year Folks! 

Some exciting news for you this month! We have a new block print designer joining us for the new collection, Spring 2023! So excited to be working with up and coming artist Tricia-Mercier David, a local illustrator and print maker who plays with bold and fun ideas often representing dreams of her tropical mixed roots in Tamil Nadu and Portugal. The fruits, vegetable and  flowers of the land that celebrate a warm, colourful, fresh and abundant environment will be translated onto fabric for Spring 2023.  You can find our more about Tricia here and follow our progress on social media. @lalitaswardrobe

April 2023 We made it into Spring! Hooray! I can wholeheartedly say I am so fully ready for this new season! Bursting into this month with an exciting new community project I have been busy growing. New designs are being produced NOW for our Spring Summer Collection! Plans for pop ups have been brewing all winter and I can't wait to get out about about meeting you with colour and good vibes! Check out the list of pop ups for more info!  

4th February 2023 Lalitas Wardrobe will be repping with our merch at Norwich Arts Centre for the band  K.O.G (Ohnipa) get tickets for this incredible band are gonna blow the roof off! 

October 15th 22Autumn is here already!? The summer flew by with so much fun and a sense of freedom we hadn't felt since before the pandemic! My Summer Collection was so delayed that I had no time to put listings onto the website! But fear not friends, my plan is to share with you all a beautiful new selection for the NEW Autumn/ Winter season this NOVEMBER! From HOODED Bombers with fleece lining, Short KIMONOS for the party season aswell as some AMAZING NEW BLOCK PRINT SHIRTS which as requested will fit upto XXL aswell as the bombers! Stunning long sari SILK Kimonos have landed already and I am planning my next shoot as I type this news! NEW Cropped Reversible Box Jackets will be back in stock in 3 sizes, plus a variety of new wool blend shawls for the festive season. 

There is much more variety offer this year winter, I am excited to grow my range! New accessories and gifts included Incredible Organic Pushkar Rose Incense made from the divine flowers of our tailors home town in India, true bliss.  Hand Carved Wooden Block Prints- why not try some printing at home! Handmade Slippers are also due to land in November.

I am so excited for my POP UP SHOP on St. Augustines, Norwich 9-11th December! Check back on my instagram and face book for updates and please do not forget to join the mailing list for updates on when the next drop is about to land! 

BIGGEST NEWS!.... I am going to India in January 2022! I can not wait to re connect with mother India after almost 3 years! Working remotely had come with many challenges and frustrations and there is so much to develop and explore. One of the projects I'll be working on will involve some amazing designers who have applied  to design new block prints for me for next season! I will be looking for the finest carver and natural dyeing processes to create the ultimate geometric high vibrational prints what bring you and your souls mission to life in Spring Summer 23!

Peace Out! Lalita x

11th July 22


Summer 2022 brings a new Block Print Dress in 2 cuts! Hand printed with wooden blocks and also two different tie dyes.  There has been a very slow and delayed process around all of this summers collection, its been a frustrating waiting for my loved designs to arrive but one thing is for sure, they are beautiful and with patience, this is the true meaning of SLOW FASHION.

Reversible Bomber jackets are now here aswell as Mens Shirts, Womens Vest Tops and some incredible Kimonos in small batches! I am a little behind in listing these online, my apologies- hope you get to catch me at a pop up! Weekend markets and small festivals are most of my focus this season, winter will being more online selection for sure! Instagram Stories is a great please o see whats fresh!

You can always book an appointment for a private look and I hope to be popping up in Norwich again in August 22. 

All dresses now have free shipping! BIG LOVE, HAPPY SUMMER TO YOU!

Thurs 26th May 2022

HOLA! BIG NEWS!!! I have been invited to style the lead singer of one of my favourite Afro Futurism bands, Onipa! We just got off a buzzy phone call, playing with colours and outfit ideas, dreaming big and rising each other up. I am so so hyped to be featured as a sponsor for their summer tour! Watch this space for pictures people! This is one happy happy day :) 

April 22nd 2022 Heres a little spot for updates on some of my latest dreams and projects. 

I am working on Spring Summer 2022 as I write this!...An exciting opportunity to collaborate with some local artists on pattern designs for block print fabrics has popped up. I am so excited to be working with Raghu and the team to produce 3 new prints. 3 x 150 mtr rolls will make 30 x Dungarees, summer tops, dresses and more. 

The new Block Print designs will feature geometric patterns. I hope to use 100% Natural Dyes made from Indigo, Turmeric and other vegetables for this Spring Summer, as I shift into a more delicate, simple, soft space and find deeper connection to myself and nature so do my choices for this season.

A new Jacket design is on the horizon, think simplicity and freshness with a new quilted block print jacket with round neckline, pockets and buttons. Cropped and rounded neck will bring an oriental look with a de-constructed 90's bomber at the seed. 

A new dress design is also on its way. This time with a lighter weight block print fabric, short sleeves, lower necklines and in a range of sizes from 8-20. 

Summer festivals season plans are hotting up with some new dates further afield! Keep your eyes peeled on the Events section and updates on social media too!